Why HecateSOLAR LA?

“Partnership, Collaboration, and Quality are core values of Hecate Energy and our HecateSOLAR LA initiative.”

Hecate Energy and the initiative we have developed called, HecateSOLAR LA, is an awesome way for commercial and industrial property owners in Los Angeles to bring in new, unexpected revenue from their properties. A roof and/or parking lot, larger than 75,000 square feet, could bring you new money without investing one dollar. All you need to do is lease your roof and/or parking lot to HecateSOLAR LA. We will install a solar PV system that transmits power to Los Angeles Department of Power and Water (LADWP). HecateSOLAR LA will pay you, the property owner, a yearly lease fee, cover all installation and maintenance fees on the solar PV system, insure the system, and protect the warranty on the roof.

Why is this new revenue available in Los Angeles? The LADWP is working diligently to increase the percentage of renewable power being generated and used in the LA Basin. They want to use all resources available and one of those important resources are the large flat empty roofs and parking lots in the city. A special feed-in-tariff was put in place to allow select companies the opportunity to finance and install 50 MW of solar PV power. Hecate Energy is one of those trusted companies, with pre-approved authority to commit to solar leases and collect power from these systems for the next 20 years.

Hecate Energy is a firm of experienced renewable energy professionals led by a core team who have worked together for over 20 years, developing over 100,000 MW of energy projects. The management team of Hecate Energy grew its previous solar power plant development company to over 700 MW from 2009-2012, making it the fourth-largest Solar PV power plant developer in the US based on MW under contract at that time.
Partnership, Collaboration, and Quality are core values of Hecate Energy and our HecateSOLAR LA initiative. The partnership with LADWP, the City of Los Angeles, the solar PV industry, and the commercial property owners who choose to work with us in Los Angeles are helping to change the face of energy in the Los Angeles area….for the better!

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Director, Site Acquisitions – HecateSOLAR LA
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Kathleen Mooney is HecateSOLAR LA’s Director of Site Acquisitions, where she is the first point of contact for any new projects, supporting the development of a stronger distributed renewable energy system in the City of Los Angeles. With over 20 years of professional experience, Kathleen has earned various awards including the prestigious AT&T National Quality Award for her membership in a nationally recognized Quality Circle Team, multiple national and regional sales and sales management awards, and various community awards for her commitment to LA’s public schools. Kathleen believes in supporting each other to success; she often says, “It’s all in the teamwork.”

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