Systems for Non-Profit

systems for non profits organizations

Systems for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations, that own their own building or have long-term leases, are eligible for the HecateSOLAR LA program. Have you thought about using your roof to increase your annual revenue?

Hecate Energy is looking for large roofs and parking lots in the City of Los Angeles to install solar PV systems that transmit energy back to the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP). You allow us to use your roof and/or parking lot for 20 years and we pay you an annual lease fee. HecateSOLAR LA covers all installation costs, insurance, roof warranties, and maintenance costs.

Who is HecateSOLAR LA?

Have you been thinking of offsetting your electric bill with a solar system but the cost has not been justifiable? You may find the HecateSOLAR LA “Blended System” to be just the right financial mix of owning and renting.

Hecate Energy can reserve a portion of the roof or parking lot for your own PV solar system. We call this a “Blended system.” Non-profits and government agencies have access to additional incentives when they build and own a PV solar system.

In a “Blended” application, an owner would receive a significant discount on a solar PV system. This “Owner System” would be used to offset part, or all, of the power bill at the local site. The remainder of the roof and/or parking lot would be leased to HecateSOLAR LA and be called the “Lease System”. The owner could pay for the “owner system” or it could be paid partially or fully with pre-paid lease fees from the balance of the roof and/or parking lot that is rented to HecateSOLAR LA.

If you own or manage a commercial roof and/or parking lot, that is at least 75,000 square feet, please contact us for an assessment of your property.

The property must be within the City of LA’s boundaries


A roof with a 20-year life is the best application for this project.  However, Hecate Energy will work with you to credit a pre-paid lease fee towards replacement of a roof that is nearing the end of its life. All eligible roofs are welcome, even if you sell your property the solar project and lease income is transferable to the new owner.