Parking Canopies…what you need to know

Solar Car CanopiesTurn Your Urban Heat Island Into an Oasis.
LA has great weather. My colleagues and friends on the east coast often swear that this is the year they’re permanently joining me at the HecateSOLAR LA HQ on Miracle Mile, when they’re battling months of snowy winter inundation. The one thing I usually “forget” to tell them is that there is one season that LA that can become unbearable. Think of it, sitting in your baking car on an August or September afternoon afraid to touch the steering wheel, with all the windows and open while heat dissipates. Or driving with the AC on full to your next meeting hoping that you won’t start sweating through your shirt.
Maybe it’s just me that gets uncomfortable this time of year, but I doubt it. I recently read that solar parking canopies are the fastest growing segment of commercial solar is the US. And why wouldn’t they be? Imagine, instead of sitting in your oven of a car like a human meat loaf empathizing with the polar bears about the consequences of the greenhouse effect, you could hop into a shade cooled car and zip off with the AC on low.
There’s more to it, though. In addition to providing shade for your customers and employees, solar car ports have been can reduce sun and heat damage to parking lot surfaces. Taking care of the parking lot can be one of the largest expense items for any property manager after the roof. Cool cars use less gas according to a study by the EPA that was cited in the Washington Post. Why? Because drivers spend less fuel driving around with the AC cranked up. The same article show that solar car canopies reduce the urban heat island effect, making our cities a more comfortable place to be.
If you’re thinking about carports for your property, you’ve probably considered the cost. Carports are more expensive to install than roof top systems because they require more structural steel. However, that need not be a road block. HecateSOLAR LA will pay you to use your parking lot for solar canopies. You get the benefit of shaded parking and we pay you to boot. What’s not to love? And hey, if we can make our east coast friends and colleagues extra extra jealous of our weather, so much the better.

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Alexander Pugh is the HecateSOLAR LA project lead where he manages project development, investor relations, project scheduling, partnerships and supports sales. Alex has been working in the renewable energy industry for more than 11 years in roles that include public policy and corporate strategy.

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