• New Income on an Existing Asset
    New Income on an Existing Asset.
  • Hassle free way to go green
    Hassle Free Way to Go Green.
  • Hecate Energy is powering Los Angeles
    Go Solar. Get Paid.
  • Hecate Energy is Powering Los Angeles

A New Way to “DO” Solar: Find out how to earn money from your roof!



Increase the Net Operating Income on Your Commercial and Industrial Property.

Lease Your Roof

Turn your roof into new revenue by partnering with Hecate Energy.

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“Blended Systems”

Property Owners can own a solar PV system and lease their roof.

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Systems for Non-Profits

Special solar incentives are available for non-profits.

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Our Service Area

HecateSOLAR LA serves the City of Los Angeles.

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About us

“A New Way to DO Solar.”

HecateSOLAR LA, an initiative by Hecate Energy, is dedicated to creating a new way for LA’s commercial and industrial property owners to go solar.  A way that is worry-free, has no capital outlay, and has a guaranteed positive return, on day one. This initiative is possible because of our unique relationship with LADWP and the Solar Feed-in Tariff Fifty (FiT50) program.

“We make Solar Simple”

Hecate Energy is focused on making your choice to go solar as simple as possible by covering all install, maintenance, operating and liability cost through the HecateSOLAR LA initiative.  All you have to do is let HecateSOLAR LA use your roof or parking lot and collect your annual lease payment. Additional options are available for customer owned systems.

“Investing in LA”

Hecate Energy is committed to partner with local businesses and workforce training programs to foster a strong solar ecosystem and workforce here in LA.


Hecate Energy is a developer of solar, wind and energy storage projects and solutions. Hecate Energy is guided by a mission to change the way we get our energy by developing, owning, and operating clean power-generating facilities in the United States and select international markets. Hecate Energy is uniquely qualified to carry out a wide range of development projects, at any stage, with an unmatched level of energy, professionalism and dedication. Founded and led by a team of industry veterans who have worked together successfully for 20 years, Hecate Energy’s team members have developed thousands of MW of solar, wind and natural gas projects.

LADWP FiT Program “…was launched in 2013, with the goal of encouraging renewable energy development within the Los Angeles Basin and help meet the 33% Renewable Portfolio Standard mandate by 2020. The FiT Program will allow the LADWP to partner with program participants to purchase, under a standard power purchase contract, energy generated from a participant’s renewable energy generating system. These systems will be located within the LADWP’s service territory and interconnected to the LADWP electrical distribution system. All the energy generated by these systems will be purchased at a fixed price, subject to time-of-delivery multipliers, for a term of up to 20 years.” LADWP FiT Website

For more information about what HecateSOLAR LA is bringing to the Los Angeles area, please click here.

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You can learn more about Hecate Energy at www.HecateEnergy.com

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With thousands of megawatt hours online and in the pipeline, here are a select few that represent our capabilities.

Important Facts

Los Angeles leads the way in solar.

• Thanks to LA’s average 284 sunny days per year and to the efforts of our city and neighbors, we generate more solar power than anywhere else in California. However, we are only just getting started!

• Only 2% of the solar potential of Los Angeles County is currently utilized. This is reported in the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. Los Angeles Solar and Efficiency Report (LASER): An Atlas of Investment Potential in Los Angeles CountyVersion 2.0. 2014.

• There are 1.5 Million available rooftops with a potential for over 19,000 Megawatts of solar in the city; enough energy to power over 300,000 homes.

○ 10% percent of this potential would cut carbon emissions by two and a half million tons. That’s effectively the same as taking half a million cars off the road. That’s the equivalent number of cars on the 405 for nearly a week.

Both the city and the state are setting high standards for the proliferation of renewables and other sustainable technologies.

• Governor Jerry Brown has increased the state’s goals significantly: 50% of all power from investor owned utilities, like SCE and SDG&E, will come from renewables by 2030.

• LA Mayor Garcetti’s sustainability plan exclaims, “There is no better city positioned to be a global leader in rooftop solar.”

• The city’s sustainability goals for solar include reaching 400 MW of rooftop and parking canopy systems by 2017.

• 268 MW of solar rooftops and other projects still need to be completed in the city.

Solar systems do more than just generate power; they can reduce the energy use inside the building. Researchers at UC San Diego, Jacobs School of Engineering found that buildings with solar roofs had a 5 degrees cooler ceiling temperature.

The heat energy absorbed by the panels is not conducted to the roof of the building itself, and because a path for airflow exists between the panels and the rooftop, a cooling effect is achieved.

Panels protect the roof from weather, heat, and UV rays from the sun, increasing the life expectancy of roofing materials.

Professional installation requires minimal or no roof penetrations, and those penetrations are mechanically sealed to prevent leaking.

The FiT 50 Model

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has employed the Feed-in Tariff 50 (FiT 50) as a unique tool to achieve the City’s renewables goals. The FiT 50 allows commercial and industrial property owners to lock in a pre-determined rental rate for their roof while having the power, produced by the rooftop solar PV system, sold to the utility under a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Hecate Energy, through the HecateSOLAR LA initiative, is pleased to offer this one-of-a-kind program to building owners in Los Angeles.

Hecate Energy + FiT 50

Because Hecate Energy has already signed a FiT50 PPA with LADWP, there is little to no risk associated with selling power from the solar PV system, and the system can be interconnected to the utility grid under an expedited process.

A recent study in Arizona has shown that installing parking canopies in a grocery store parking lot increased customer traffic in comparison with similar grocery stores in the same area. In addition, the research showed that people chose to park in the solar panel shaded areas over the sunny locations on the same lot.
Green marketing is all about building trust and confidence with your customers. When a company is able to show they care about the environment, customers respond…particularly millennial customers. According to the2012 Cone Green Gap Trend Tracker, 69 percent of American consumers always or sometimes take the environment into consideration when making choices about what products or services to buy.

In the Spring of 2012 the UC Access Almanac printed an article about solar canopies in parking lots and said, “Solar parking lots are highly visible evidence of a company’s commitment to the environment.”

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